VOF needs your help.

Update September 15, 2017 – VOF has scheduled a special Board of Directors meeting on Monday, October 16 to “complete its review of conversion applications related to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline.” The meeting is open to the public and VOF is still accepting written comments through October 16. Find more info on VOF’s website.

Update February 9, 2017 – We’re pleased to report that the VOF didn’t take Dominion’s pipeline conversion deal, despite much pressure. The official vote was to defer the decision to a later date. We’re really proud of those Trustees. It’s not over yet, but a good decision today. Thank you to everyone who submitted comments!! We’ll keep you informed as we hear more details.

Press Coverage

Here’s what has been going on:

Dominion’s unprecedented request that the Virginia Outdoors Foundation compromise its stewardship on 10 easements to make way for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline threatens the essential trust that exists between landowners and land trust, critical to the future of land conservation in Virginia.

If you’re ready to send your comment to the VOF – CLICK HERE.

For more information on this unreasonable request, please visit this link or click on the image below.