View Fractracker: Data on Natural Gas Leases in Frederick and Rockingham Counties

The leasing information in this collection was gathered in the Rockingham County and Frederick County courthouses in Virginia. Utilizing information from the counties’ electronic deed systems and their on-line GIS systems, over 15,000 acres of land was discovered to have been leased to hydraulic fracture drill for natural gas.

Infinity Energy Resources and Carrizo Oil & Gas have leased over 13,000 acres of land in Rockingham County, and Pennsylvania General Energy Company, LLC has leased over 2,025 acres in Frederick County.

There are three snapshots in this collection, created from three datasets, that include the Rockingham County leases, the Frederick county leases, and the proposed location of a test well-site near the rural town of Bergton in Rockingham County.

These files include the lessees, lessors, the tax identification numbers, the acreage of the leased parcels, and the latitudes and longitudes of the leased parcels of land. The leases in Frederick County date back to 2008. Leases in Rockingham date back to 2007.

Frederick County Natural Gas Leases(PDF)

Rockingham County Natural Gas Leases(PDF)