Manure-to-Energy Resources

Local Research

The Hawksbill Cabin blog in Page County has studied the Fibrowatt power plant proposal and many options at multiple scales,


BioEnergy Planet has bought the intellectual property rights to the Virginia Tech pyrolysis prototype on a Rockingham County farm near Dayton.


An Irish company, BioMass Heating Solutions LTD has gasification units operating in Europe.


A Shenandoah Valley gasification project will likely be based on CoalTec’s work in Wardensville, West Virginia.

USDA Report

ARS Research Turns Poultry Waste into Toxin-grabbing Char


The Fibrowatt company serves on the state’s Shenandoah Valley Poultry Litter to Energy advisory group committee,


A North Carolina conservation group defeated a Fibrowatt power plant proposal in Surry County, Environmental impacts/Fibrowatt Large Litter to Energy Power Plant.