Manure to Energy

Two state agencies have launched a study to evaluate plans for a large scale poultry litter-to-energy power station in the Shenandoah Valley as a means to meet Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay water quality requirements.

Page County rejected a similar proposal from the Fibrowatt company in 2010 due to impacts on air quality, roads, quality of life and Shenandoah National Park. SVN and our partners are exploring other options with far fewer environmental and community impacts and better economic return to local farmers.

Interest in converting the Shenandoah Valley’s abundant sources of animal manure into energy is accelerating with the federal and state push to improve water quality and expand renewable energy portfolios. Promising new technologies are being explored at all scales, from on-farm operations to a major power station. SVN and its partners are working to expand public understanding of the benefits and costs – to farmers, communities and natural resources – of manure to energy options from composting to incineration.