I-81 Safer Solutions Sooner

Instead of waiting for another 20 years or more we want SAFER SOLUTIONS SOONER.

Our policy suggestions identify improvements that don’t involve any environmental permits, no right-of-way purchases and no waiting on construction bids and are sensitive to the valuable resources that border the interstate throughout the Valley – scenic and historic landscapes, working agricultural lands and small towns:

  • Increase the number of state troopers patrolling the interstate for speeding and unsafe, aggressive, and distracted driving.
  • Find ways to clear accidents much more quickly.
  • Apply new technology. Real time warning messages can be deployed on message signs alerting drivers to upcoming accidents and delays. And programs like Maryland’s work zone automated enforcement SafeZones could be considered for appropriate sections of I-81.
  • Prioritize spot improvements identified by safety and congestion data over excessive widening projects.
  • Study the effects of past speed limit increases and fluctuating speed limits along the corridor.
  • Invest in improvements to local road networks in congested areas like Harrisonburg and Winchester, where local traffic uses I-81 instead of local roads.

And, in the long term, moving the long-haul freight traffic onto the parallel rail line should be part of a balanced transportation system.

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