Shenandoah County

From forest management to development tracking, find out what SVN is involved in today.

Since 2005, SVN has provided extensive technical assistance to the Shenandoah Forum citizens group, working with Shenandoah County elected officials and planners to achieve the goals of the county’s excellent comprehensive land use plan: to direct growth to existing towns, retain and preserve prime farm and forest lands, strengthen the agricultural economy and ease the costs of growth borne by local taxpayers.

  • Current Events

    • Local Governments & Agencies Supporting Fracking Ban

      Local governments have written to U.S. Forest Service officials urging them to protect drinking watersheds and ban or place a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing mining for natural gas on the George Washington National Forest.

    • Shenandoah County Groups Honored for Conservation Work

      Congratulations to Friends of the North Fork and…

    • George Washington National Forest Plan

      The forest comprises 24 percent of the land in Shenandoah County and provides drinking water to 8,452 residents in Strasburg and Woodstock. Officials are currently rewriting the forest management plan, which will guide forest uses for the next 15 years.

    • field and mountainsCounty Revising Rural Zoning Reform

      In December, 2010, Shenandoah County officials adopted a Rural Areas Plan to help keep the county rural and strengthen the towns and the farm sector.

    • Wind Energy

      Interest is growing in developing large commercial wind projects in the Shenandoah Valley. Find out where potential sites could be located.