Frederick County

From forest management to development tracking, find out what SVN is involved in today.

  • Current Issues

    • View Fractracker: Data on Natural Gas Leases in Frederick and Rockingham Counties

      Utilizing information from the counties’ electronic deed systems and their on-line GIS systems, over 15,000 acres of land was discovered to have been leased to hydraulic fracture drill for natural gas.

    • George Washington National Forest Plan

      The forest comprises less than three percent of the land in Frederick County, but it provides drinking water to 41,840 residents of the county, Winchester and Middletown. Officials are currently rewriting the forest management plan.

    • SVN Supports Cedar Creek Park Plan

      Read SVN's January, 2009 comments on the draft management plan for the Cedar Creek Belle Grove National Historic Battlefield Park, near Middletown.

    • Cedar Creek Coalition

      Potential new quarry pits would destroy core battlefield of the Civil War Battle of Cedar Creek, as well as other natural, cultural and historic resources. SVN is a member of a coalition of groups working to scale back destructive mining expansion.

    • Conservation Easement Authority

      Frederick County’s rapid growth is shrinking the county's farms, forests, open spaces and historic resources, making the need to protect what remains more important than ever. Find out what actions Frederick County is taking.