GWNF Resources – Shenandoah County

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Profile of National Forest Lands per County, Shenandoah County:

  1. George Washington National Forest (GWNF) acres within the County; percentage the forest land represents of all land in the county:
    • Shenandoah County total acres = 323,575 acres
    • National Forest acres in Shenandoah County = 84,999 acres or 26.27 percent
  2. Special resources like wilderness, roadless areas, natural heritage sites, creeks and rivers
    • Developed Recreation Sites: Massanutten Trail; Tomahawk Pond (fishing, picnicking, hiking trails, vault toilets, swimming, trailer space), Camp Roosevelt (camping, drinking water, hiking trails, picnicking, flush toilets, trailer dump station, trailer space); Wolf Gap (camping, hiking trails, vault toilets, trailer space); Elizabeth Furnace (camping, drinking water, fishing, hiking trails, picnicking, flush toilets seasonal, trailer dump station -seasonal, trailer space); Little Fort (camping, vault toilets, trails for OHV); and Lee District Ranger Office.
    • Other Features: Van Buren Furnace; Catherine Furnace, Woodstock Observation Tower: Elizabeth Furnace; New Market Gap (hiking trails); Signal Knob trails; Passage Creek (no camping, day use hiking, fishing, swimming); Sherman Gap Trail; Milford Gap Trail; Veach Gap Trail; Meneka Peak trail
    • Wilderness Areas: None and none currently under consideration
    • Roadless Areas: In Shenandoah County there are 17,233 acres of roadless areas on the GWNF. These roadless areas include: Big Schloss (12,092 acres) and Northern Massanutten (5,140 acres).
    • Special Biological Interest Areas: 1,311 acres – 6 areas – Peter’s Mill Run Bog; Mud Hole Bog; Edinburg Gap Shale Barren; Vance’s Cove; Salus Spring; and part of Signal Knob Barren Other Special Areas: Big Schloss Special Management Area.
    • Special Historic Interest Areas: 5 areas – Elizabeth Furnace, Van Buren Furnace, Signal Knob, Zepp Tannery site and Camp Roosevelt. Of these, Camp Roosevelt and Elizabeth Furnace are already protected in developed recreation areas, therefore, not protected under status of being an historic special interest site.
    • Licensed 4-wheel drive OHV roads – 10.8 miles, 35 miles ATV Tasker’s Gap / Peter’s Mill
    • Miles of Trails: The GWNF in Shenandoah County provides 178 miles of trails for horseback riding and hiking.
  3. Water resources within the National Forest in Shenandoah County

    Streams and rivers whose watersheds are on the GWNF in whole or part include but not limited to the following: North Fork of the Shenandoah River, Passage Creek; Quarry Gap, Hiden Spring tributary, Good Hol tributary, Chalybeat Spring tributary, Mill Run, Dry Run, Peter’s Mill Run, Cedar Creek, Shell Run, Cove Run, Stony Creek, Mill Creek, Pond Run, Rinker Run, Orkney Springs tributary, Beetle, Foltz Creek, Bear Run, Falls Run, Laurel Run.
    Key drinking water resources include the intakes on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River (the sole source of water for Woodstock and Strasburg), Passage Creek and the Woodstock Reservoir. Parts of each of their watersheds are on the national forest.
    In addition, numerous seeps and springs whose watersheds are on the GWNF in whole or part include Salsus Spring, Hiden Spring, Chalybeat Spring, Kern Springs and Orkney Springs. A public drinking water well on GWNF which serves Bayse and Bryce.

  4. Miles of trout streams within the forest in the county

    In Shenandoah County there are 31.8 miles of trout streams on the GWNF. Stocked trout streams include: Passage Creek, Peters Mill Creek, Tomahawk Pont

  5. Hunting (October through January)

    Between 1972 and 2007, a total of 883 bear were harvested on public lands in Shenandoah County. The annual average black bear harvest in Shenandoah, based on recent 10 years harvest reported is 53 bear per year.
    Turkey hunting on the GWNF in Shenandoah County had a 10 year spring gobbler harvest of 45, or 0.30 killed per square mile of GWNF land.
    The 2007 deer kill (total of male, female, fawns) on the GWNF in Shenandoah County was approximately 420. The five-year annual average total deer harvest is 485 deer.

  6. Eco-tourism industry in county:

    (A variety of outfitting stores for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, bird watching, OHV/ATVs, boating and mountain biking exist in the county. These promote public use of the GWNF lands. Outfitting stores in the county are listed below, yet are not all-inclusive of such stores in the area.)

Half Moon Mountain Outfitters (540) 465-4435, Cedar Hill Motor Sports (540) 465-5602, G and S Wild Country Outfitters (540) 459-7787, Blue Canoe Crew (540) 459-8912, Hunter’s Habitat (540) 459-8380

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