GWNF Resources – Rockingham County

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Profile of National Forest Lands per County, Rockingham County:

  1. George Washington National Forest (GWNF) acres within the County; percentage the forest land represents of all land in the county:
    • Rockingham County total acres = 575,910.91 acres
    • National Forest acres in Rockingham County = 140,000 acres = 24.31 percent
  2. Special resources like wilderness, roadless areas, natural heritage sites, creeks and rivers
    • Developed Recreation Sites: Blue Hole (drinking, fishing, picnicking, vault toilets) and Hone Quarry (camping, fishing, hiking trails, picnicking, vault toilets, trailer dump station, trailer space).
    • Other Features: North River Ranger District office (Harrisonburg); Reddish Knob (undeveloped site, only observation site, parking area, no structure); Boone’s Run Shelter (trail and shelter); Switzer Lake (no facilities other than parking lot, no public use as it is city water with restrictions – not maintained by GWNF); High Knob Lookout; Slate Lick Fields Watchable Wildlife Area (viewing deck); scenic rock formations on Victim Ridge; Rocky Run ATV trail; and other features including various OHV trails / old jeep roads; numerous lakes such as like Slate Lick, Hog Pen lake; springs and mountain headwater streams; rock climbing; hunting; birding; and mountain bike trails.
    • Wilderness Areas: None
    • Roadless Areas: In Rockingham County there are 38,438 acres of GWNF roadless areas. These include: Dry River (9 acres); Gum Run (12,683 acres); Little River (672 acres); Oak Knob (10,808 acres); Skidmore (5,585 acres); and Southern Massanutten (8,680 acres).
    • Licensed 4-wheel drive OHV roads – 82.2 miles Rocky Run, 10 ATV miles
    • Special Biological Interest Areas: 31,927 acres – 1 area – Largest portion of Shenandoah Mountain Crest
    • Other Special Areas: Part of Little River Special Management Area, Little Laurel Research Natural Area
    • Special Historic Interest Areas: 1 area – High Knob Tower
    • Miles of Trails: The GWNF in Rockingham County provides 73 miles of trails for horseback riding and hiking.
    • Streams and rivers: on GWNF lands include but are not limited to the following: North Fork of the Shenandoah River, Stony Run, Boone Run, Peterfish Run, Jayho Hollow tributary, unnamed tributaries to the South Fork of the Shenandoah River, Fridley Run, Morgan Run, Runoin Sours Run, Sours Run, Mill Creek, Fulks Run, Shoemaker River, Ready Run, Spruce Run, Capon Run, Bushy Run, Crab Run, Martin Lick, Lairs Run, Root Run, Turner Run, Long Run, Hogan Run, Buck Lick Run, Black Lick Run, Dry River, Roof Run, Marshall tributary, Strike Run, Spring Run, Bennet Run, German River, Siever Run, Sumac Run, Carr Run, Overl Run, Camp Rader Run, Cold Springs Run, Persimmon Run, Sugar Run, Little Dry River, Bible Run, Gate Run, Hogpen Run, Long Run, Rocky Run, Kephart Run, Sand Run, Peach Run, Blue Hole tributary, Little Laurel Run, Mines Run, Hone Quarry Run, Slate Springs tributary, Rocky Run, Union Springs tributary, Maple Springs tributary, Block hollow tributary, Dunckle Hollow, Skidmore, Timber Hollow tributary, Low Place Run, and Laurel Run.
  3. Water resources

    The watersheds of the South Fork of the Shenandoah River, North Fork of the Shenandoah River, Dry River, Middle River, Blue Hole, Sand Spring, Hones Quarry Run, Slate Springs, Union Springs, Maple Springs, Hall Springs are on the GWNF in whole or in part.

  4. Miles of trout streams within the forest in the county

    Rockingham – 135.3 miles of trout stream plus lakes that are stocked.

  5. Hunting in the GWNF lands in the county

    Between 1972 and 2007, a total of 2,714 bear were harvested on public lands in Rockingham County. The annual average black bear harvest in Rockingham, based on recent 10 years harvest reported is 149 bear per year.
    Turkey hunting on GWNF lands in Rockingham County had a 10-year average spring gobbler harvest of 74, or 0.25 killed per square mile of GWNF land.
    The 2007 deer kill (total of male, female, fawns) on the GWNF in Rockingham County was approximately 590. The five-year annual average total deer harvest is 695 deer.

  6. Eco-tourism industry in county:

    (A variety of outfitting stores for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, bird watching, OHV/ATVs, boating and mountain biking exist in the county. These promote public use of the GWNF lands. Outfitting stores in the county are listed below, yet are not all-inclusive of such stores in the area.)

Runion’s Hunting and Fishing (540) 433-7225, Natural Chimneys Regional Park (540) 350-2510, East Coast Bicycle Academy (540) 433-3013, Shenandoah Bicycle Co (540) 437-9000, Shenandoah Mountain Touring (540) 434-2087, Mark’s Bike Shop (540) 434-5151, Mole Hill Bikes (540) 879-2011, Cycle Works (540) 433-1355, Early’s Cycle Ctr (540) 433-2585, Valley Kawasaki-Suzuki Inc (540) 433-0232, Bright Cycle (304) 289-5566, Virginia Golf Cars (540) 433-7881, Blue Ridge Power Sports (540) 434-7345, Shenandoah River Adventures (540) 478-5032, Massanutten River Adventures (540) 289-4066, Outdoor Adventure Experiences (540) 879-9030, Runion’s Hunting and Fishing (540) 433-7225, Mossycreek Fly Fishing (540) 434-2444, Blue Ridge Angler (540) 574-3474, Outdoor Adventure Experiences (540) 879-9030, Heartland Outfitters and Feed (540) 879-2705, American Eagle Outfitters (540) 564-1798, Osen Hunter Llc (540) 948- 9092, Hunter’s Paradise Llc (540) 434-4868, Wild GUYde Adventures, LLC. 540/433-1637.

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