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Local Governments & Agencies Supporting Fracking Ban

Local governments have written to U.S. Forest Service officials urging them to protect drinking watersheds and ban or place a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing mining for natural gas on the George Washington National Forest.

Roanoke Times: GWNF proposed fracking ban a “wise precaution”

A fight over a proposed ban on hydraulic fracturing in the George Washington National Forest is a reminder of weak laws that govern the practice on private land.

Take Action: Keep Fracking out of GW National Forest

Despite tremendous public comment in support of the proposed ban on horizontal drilling in the GWNF draft plan, the Forest Service is considering opening the forest to fracking.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Va. Residents Back Horizontal Drilling Ban in National Forest

Huffington Post: Fracking In The Mountain State Leaves a Community Scarred

Nov 18- “Battle of Wetzel” featuring our friends from the Wetzel County Action Group.

New York Times: The Fracturing of Pennsylvania

Nov 17: How fracking affects a southwestern PA township

Congress Pressures GWNF to Change Proposed Safeguards for Drinking Water

Public support for the GW’s sensible proposal is more important than ever.

Roanoke Times: Editorial: No Fracking in the National Forest

The risky drilling method has no place on public lands until it is demonstrably safe. Tremendous natural wealth lies buried beneath Virginia’s ancient mountains. Men and women who would profit from that subterranean bounty of fossil fuels seek the most

Shale Gas Drilling: Negative Economic Impacts Studied

Studies in New York and Pennsylvania are documenting the negative impacts of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) natural gas drilling on farming, tourism and other economic sectors.

Marcellus shale gas drilling proposed in Rockingham– the first in VA