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Daily News Record: Too Little of Litter?

Fibrowatt’s Poultry Waste Energy Project On Hold Posted: August 22, 2012 By CANDACE SIPOS HARRISONBURG — Fibrowatt LLC, a company that for at least two years has been looking into building a poultry litter-to-energy plant in the central Valley, says it’s

Daily News Record: ‘We Don’t Call It Waste’

February 28, 2012 By Jeremy Hunt HARRISONBURG – To people outside the agriculture industry, poultry litter is just animal waste. But to poultry farmers, that’s an ill-informed misnomer for a product that generates income as fertilizer and that some in

Rockingham CAP Article: Get Educated on Poultry Power

By Kim Sandum WHEN IT COMES to converting the Shenandoah Valley’s abundant poultry manure into an energy resource, is bigger the best option or could small-scale solutions do a good job? That’s the question confronting the region’s poultry growers and local