Author: Anne Carter

Two Gas Pipelines Proposed in the Valley

Augusta, Highland, Frederick and Warren Counties face major impacts to waterways, public and private land, forests and battlefields from two proposed gas transmission pipelines in the Shenandoah Valley. A third pipeline also is planned for southwestern Virginia. The three projects seek to move natural gas from the Marcellus shale fields in Pennsylvania to markets further south.

Organizations that urged the Forest Service to stand strong and keep fracking out of the GW

Adkins Arboretum Agua Fund Alliance for Sustainable Communities American Hiking Society American Rivers Appalachian Trail Conservancy Audubon Maryland-DC Audubon Society of Northern Virginia Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network Center for the Celebration of Creation Chapman Forest Foundation Chesapeake Audubon Society Chesapeake

I-81 Plan: Traffic Counts Inflated

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) greatly overestimated the traffic projections that justify the costly and destructive plan to widen I-81 to eight or more lanes through most of the corridor, according to a study commissioned by SVN and presented to the Northern I-81 Legislative Caucus at its second annual briefing in Richmond in February 2014.

Cedar Creek Bridges: A Better Alternative

The VDOT proposal to replace two aging bridges on Rt. 11 and the northbound bridge on I-81 – all on Cedar Creek in the Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park near Strasburg – reflects a persistent failure to adequately address historic resources in road planning.

Counties Prepare for New Farm Zoning Rules

Shenandoah Valley counties will lose much oversight over a range of commercial events and sales on local farms on July 1, when new state rules on agritourism zoning go into effect. Senate Bill 51, introduced in 2014 by state Sen.

2013 Right to Farm Legislation Defeated

Shenandoah Valley Counties and SVN successfully opposed legislation before the 2013 General Assembly that would have eliminated local zoning control over farm and rural land uses. A bill to amend the state’s right to farm law died in the Senate Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee.

Talking Points – 2014 Agritourism Bills

SVN, Rockingham CAP and Shenandoah Forum believe local zoning decisions should remain with local elected officials and that local governments can better address farm interests and issues of local concern.

SB51 and HB 268 would allow any and all commercial activities on farms. The legislation is not the right way to build a strong, thriving local farm economy in Virginia.

Local Farm Zoning Threatened

SVN opposes legislation before the 2014 General Assembly to eliminate local zoning control over on-farm sales and activities, specifically two identical bills on agritourism approved by both chambers.

I-81 Cedar Creek Bridge Project Threatens National Battlefield Park

The Shenandoah Valley is facing a new threat to historic and natural resources with the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) plan to replace the northbound bridge on I-81 over Cedar Creek near Strasburg, in the heart of the Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historic Park and adjacent to protected private lands within the Cedar Creek Battlefield core area.

Shenandoah County Groups Honored for Conservation Work

Congratulations to Friends of the North Fork and Shenandoah Forum for the conservation awards they received Nov. 14 from the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District. The SWCD annually honors community members and organizations that have made sweeping efforts