Scenic 340 Project

A grass roots, non-profit citizens group, Scenic 340 was formed in 1999 to oppose a VDOT plan to widen Route 340 to four and five lanes from Front Royal to Luray. The group is dedicated to changing road-building policy at the state level.

About Scenic 340
The historic rural character of the Page Valley, and that of the entire Shenandoah Valley, is threatened by outmoded transportation planning.

Read about the goals Scenic 340 has set to preserve and protect the 340 corridor.

Land Conservation
Read about how conservation easements and agricultural districts help maintain the Valley’s heritage, rural character, and natural environment.

The Civil War Battles at Overall
A Military History of the Milford Battlefield by John B. Rice, Jr.

View documents that have been prepared by Scenic 340 about Context Sensitive Solutions and proposed Centex Development.